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Caring for your Hair Extensions

Let's chat about the magic of maintaining those luscious locks post-salon, shall we? Because let's face it, leaving the salon with your hair on point is an unbeatable feeling, and I'm here to ensure that feeling lasts!

Pre-Wash Prep:

Cleansing Ritual:

Drying Dance:

Styling Symphony:

Gently brush your hair before washing, always holding it like a precious ponytail.

When brushing near the top, grasp the rows at the top to avoid any tugging – gentleness is our secret weapon!

Cleanse 2-3 times, especially near the rows.

Rinse, rinse, rinse – let that scalp rejoice in cleanliness!

Apply the F18 mask weekly for a hydration boost, because shiny, healthy hair is the goal.

Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel – it's the VIP treatment that cuts drying time and prevents damage.

Before the blow-dry fiesta, spray your F18 leave-in conditioner, detangle gently, and remember to hold it like a ponytail magician!

Apply a dime-sized F18 oil for that perfect finish – no greasy business here.

Blow-dry like a pro, section out those rows, and dry thoroughly. Remember, wet hair to bed? Not on our watch!